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Grant Writing


1. Tax dollar savings from Shared Services programs have been significant in recent years, literally millions and millions of tax dollars saved! 
2. The Department of Community Affairs has made available $10 million to encourage and assist municipalities study or implement Shared Services agreements and programs.
3. An additional $25 million will be given by the State to match your savings brought about through Shared Services.
4. Grant money can be used to study, or to implement new Shared Services programs, and to defray the cost of a professional consultant or facilitator.


1. Dan Mason is the Shared Services Specialist for the Somerset County Shared Services Neighborhood Group (SSSNG); it is New Jersey’s model program.  
(Saved $1 million in first 12 months.)
2. Dan Mason has been the Shared Services Specialist for the New Jersey Conference of Mayors since 1994.  He has authored numerous articles, and lectures throughout New Jersey.
3.  Our grant writing success rate is 96% !
4.  We will plan and coordinate with your neighboring towns, your school board and/or County government.
5.  Our fee to write your grant application is $1,000, in other words, only $500 per town.  (Or less than $500 per town if 3 or more towns.)
  a.  First $500 payable upon agreement.  ($250 per town)
  b. Second $500 only when grant is approved. (You are not obligated to pay the second $500 if your grant is not approved.)
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